Friday, June 16, 2006

USA V Italy

here is the view from to the right of our house, and there is that narrow wall with the big drop behind i was telling you about!

before i forget we have our baby pippa on sky news... on the net! she can be found on then scroll down i tiny ways to the phpto section and click on Yappy Snaps, the fourth and last one... and pip is on photo number 10! aint she sooo cute!

not feeling so cute right now though, she has two horrible tics! the vet gave me, well not gave of course but you know what i mean! a new collar for her, to flush them out, i think it kills them first then the horrible thing drops off! poor pip she has already had a parasite last year now these things, we dont have any grass but aparently the mountain wall contains these things, they feed off whome ever they have got into, then when gorged full drop off, and can remain dormant for up to three years, before they find an unfortunate host to repeat the process again!

although i didnt need telling tony has just informed me i have bad grammer... well how on earth will i ever learn spanish if i cant even get english right!?!

this walked into town, after pippas walk of course! trying to dodge any insects that might be hanging around on overhanging grass or leaves! now thats an easy job isnt it!

bought some new net to put on the velcro over the back window and completely cut it wrong!? was trying to do it too much of a hurry, me as usual, slow down... thats what i have to do, but its not easy when you have rushed about all your life, think i need to seriously rethink my habits, then change them, am i too old to change my spots!?! the words relax and take it easy are hard to do, even typing and house stuff, i rush around and i have no need to... think thats why my shoes keep braking... think i said that already didnt i! rush about in my head too so much i dont remember anything either!

ok... big match today between my two teams! so i will running around cheering for them both somehow!

If you never never go, you will never ever know...



forget me not said...

You know I have the same dilemma, so...

Gimme a U ---"U"
Gimme an S ---"S"
Gimme an A ---"A"
What've you got?

That kind of cheer sounds awful in Italian so I'll just say
"Forza Azzurri!!"

(although I have to be sincere, I hope Italy wins...)

forget me not said...

And I had about 15 heart attacks!! They played a lot better than their first game, I think Italy had taken things too much for granted, so a tie is about right...although I hate to admit it. I want Italy to win so we can commemorate the 1982 world cup, when we got married! What a memorable summer that was!