Friday, April 24, 2009

2nd blog of the day, couldn't wait ... we have come home and in the mail box... un believable... this week a letter saying we haven't paid our phone bill!

so why hasn't the bank paid, heck so worked up i cant type only typos! hitting the back button hard and fast with so many mistakes i cant type at all coherently (yes had to spell check thata one!)

money in bank yes, paid the last bill? yes... no rhyme or reason here, i really really wish the guy who used to be in this branch of Banco de Andalucia was here now... i know all these problems started when we moved the branch up here from Fuengirola, but really, a few direct debits? of course you only need to give change of address in Blighty, no need for branch changes!

we also had ANother electricity bill! after all that fuss over the 63,14€ from two weeks ago. which actually turned out to be Februarys bill, we had paid March's bill before we got the final demand, or even the bill for Feb! sort it out! there is no one else to turn to, no choice of.... what? how many in England 5 or 6? probably 10 different electric and gas suppliers... here there is only two, that i am aware of, and the other one... Endesa is currently looking at buying! Great!

even adding all those together they're more than the bills we used to get, they have probably put us on the wrong tarif too! and i am still furious over that water bill we got the other week from 4 years back, not even in our name!?!

i think i have now lost the plot, found myself singing..."i'm going crazy, i'm going crazy!" out loud... franco driving a fast car on his Play Station and almost fallen into the tv didnt notice!



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