Wednesday, April 29, 2009

written Tuesday afternoon...
well when Pippa and i walked back along the beach today no boat... no outboard motors, and no green 'blue' boxes! only a load of rubbish left, lots of food and water... for the trip!?! i suppose we will never find out the circumstances of this happening will we! another ship load over from Africa and gaining access up the little slip way here?

i keep open, did i tell you this? i keep open my Twitter page after hitting that more more more button a few times... as i don't have time to read much while i am grabbing my free wifi while i can get it! i also keep my Facebook and blog open, and today the couple of You Tube vids, the one i did of here in El Zoco, and one my friends sent me, so i can look again, and show Franco later.

whats weird about the Twitter and Facebook though is, i feel i can add to them, but of course i cannot, nor can i open anything else on them or i lose the page and then thats it! very frustrating!

we rushed back from Calahonda thinking it might rain! no clouds now, but it had come over all gray and stormy looking, bit windy on the beach again and no one sun bathing today! but now all clear again.... an hour later!

ok this morning now! Wednesday, when Franco came home yesterday he did a bit of painting outside to brighten up the white paint work, the railings always leave brown marks below and it only takes a few minutes to paint over.

this terrible H1N1 virus, on Monday 'they' said to sneeze or cough into the crook of your arm, or forearm even, then Tuesday morning 'they're' saying don't forget to cover your mouth with your hand... hands too can spread the disease by touching other surfaces etc, makes more sense to use your arm please! this virus stays 'live' for 24 hrs, once out of your body, so someone could cough touch a table etc, and if within 24hrs someone touches the same place it can be passed on that easily. this is all common sense and we all know this... i remember picking up a virus like this when i was 19, chicken pox! ugh! got back home from my holidays and the next week didn't feel well, got a cab down to the doctors, cabby didn't feel well either strangely!

...turns out i had chicken pox and the cab driver had mumps!

i have only ever had the regular flu once in my life, my mom was worrying but as i said to her she has had a flu vaccination so is already one step ahead of the game!

lets hope it doesn't get worse...


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