Friday, April 17, 2009


i guess at home i am so used to just going over to the pc and being 'on line', when i was working last year down on the coast and getting home past 10pm too tired to eat never mind go on line it was ok to catch up at weekends, although during the day i got a bit writing crazy... pen in hand and no where to write!

this morning i went down to local vodafone store here at Calahonda to inquire about the plug ins they do, its 45,24€ a month for the best package 24hr un limited, 3Mbps, sounds a lot but we pay 29,99€ a month with telefonica... the bill is never that though, there is the monthly line rental which you pay every month of course, whereas when you have just the phone line its every other month.. so twice the line rental price, IVA (tax) then apart from any calls... was bad until we remembered to use the eurodirect cards! we were using free call which is fantastic and the cheapest, but we couldn't use our Spanish card, may try again... any way, depending on calls the bills are never less than 60€ something and was 111€ a couple of months ago! nightmare!

so... 45€ with vodafone is less than we have been paying... but and its a bigun... we don't have much of a signal in the house at home!

if we change telefonica to evenings and weekends i think its 15€, but plus line rental and IVA we're already over the 45€ again! and also remember we can use the plug in with vodafone on our lap top wherever we are!

oh and there is a 22,04€ a month with vodafone with only a 200Mb! so as long as we dont download anything big would be fine... if we had a signal in the house!

...and round we go again!

weather much better today! blue sky and muchos sunshine!

did everyone see Susan Boyle on Britain Got Talent? i just knew she was going to be another Paul Potts... i get goose bumps every single time i hear the replay, shes already had an invite on the Oprah show in the states! she is already a winner and good luck to her... we all saw this lady make her way out on the stage, all making our own minds up prematurely and you know what i mean if you saw her... then wham bam, what a voice!

oh the ships have all gone that were lined up along the coast here, didn't see them leave, just here... and then gone...

also in vodafone i checked to make sure my mobile is registered, come end of November any un-registered mobile phones will be cut off! i must admit i presumed it was, as we had been on contract with the number, still get mail from supplier, last got a new phone last year about August/September time when i 'damaged' my old phone! and of course in the shop they had my name, checked my details etc before letting me leave with the new one... but seems you have to have registered a phone since December 2008, so i am not registered, yet, still not yet as i didn't have my passport or residencia on me to do so today!


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