Friday, April 10, 2009

Bottles Bottles all those empty bottles.... oh so tired! last night the processions wound round slowly, and every time we thought it was over, they came back round... we were up about 7am, no afternoon siesta... Pippa was especially nervous about all the goings on and just barked continuously poor thing. the completion of the ceremony came up our street about 2am i think, maybe half hour earlier, we knew they were coming by the solemn ringing of the bell... very poignant noise.... and about 20 foot from out side our house is where they rested for half hour and the 100 men who carry the statue of Jesus get a chance to drink water and smoke! there are always another 100 or more people ahead and behind so its like being in the middle of a big party right from our bedroom! we had the door open for the electric cable... remember our neighbors have the spot light on their balcon this year, but as they're away the cable was secured... tightly... onto ours for us to switch on at the appropriate times...

erm anyway! Franco came back downstairs and watched a bit of TV, while Pippa and i lay down on some pillows watching from the window, all the people standing and smoking... oh the chewing gum this morning on our new street ugh!

anyway they left slowly... the last few people were behaving as if unwatched by anyone (!) even though they were a part of the very important procession behind Jesus and all that had gone on before... one women delighted in pushing as many of the bottles of water she could that had been placed by the bandsmen, and 100 carriers on the edge of the wall... over it! into someones garden!

and a couple right at the back filled their pockets and bags with the spare water for the band etc, the man even came back to fill his pants pockets! all seen above by me, the watcher! so be careful what you do amigos!

i guess it was about 3am or later that the last of the peoples were gone, Jesus continued up to our Vera Cruz church and then i think down to San Sebastian, and the bands continued on for some time longer! people were running up and down the street and the many bottles and bottle tops still laying about in the street we being kicked about noisily. i know we have all kicked an empty bottle about, at some time or other, but we're talking 3 and 4 in the morning, down what would otherwise now be a quiet and sleepy, very sleepy street and its inhabitants! lots of groups of people played the bottle game, couples, single people even took up the challenge! another time i could hear a womans high heel shoes, and i thought will she? wont she? and yes she did! kick that bottle! kick that bottle! i wanted to run down and kick it right back at 'em!

i think it was between 3 and 4 that we were able to try to get to sleep, but then i was starting to feel slightly strange, sort of euphoric or something! and another thing that happens to me when i start to meet up with that 'been up for 24hrs' thing i start to get a cold, well i say start, suddenly i have wet sticky eyes and nose! sore throat and a cough! its like my body just says enough already... body closing down even if mind isn't!

the days of burning a candle at both ends i think for me are well gone... we, no sorry i was up just after 8am, feeling very tired already and its only half 10! i have had a quick 'run' about the house doing cleaning jobs now, because there is no way once i stop i will be able to start up again, hard enough for healthy people to live on 4 hours sleep but for Fibromyalgics... well i'm not even going to get started... too tired....

just had to edit this as i read it on line and saw so many words that were wrong or missing, now i cant find them so, apologies... i am tired!


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