Wednesday, April 15, 2009

this is like a race against time... here in El Zoco, again, the day is sunny then raining! and cooler than yesterday!

and i am racing to get everything done on here i want to, what on earth would i do without a computer? live i guess!

so here below the off line work i did yesterday afternoon folks...

well no treasure on the beach on our way home, lots of sun bathers! crazy mad tourists, it was freezing... well strong wind a blowing and my fingers turned white with cold! i know though when i used to come over here even in February on hols i used to be wearing the shorts and t shirts and nic bini on the beach... brrrrrrrrrrr! before we got to the beach we encountered a few dogs, one especially excited poodle wound himself around my legs several times with his lead between him and his mistress! then we met them a few minutes later when i was standing in the phone booth talking to mom! wonder what Pippa thinks of me standing there in a small glass box and talking, apparently to myself! (probably oh here she goes again i suspect!) but she just stands there looking about at the scenery!

seeing those ships out there, waiting... and waiting... they also look a bit like they're about to invade Spain! not sure who it could be though? us foreigners are already here ;-)

just been on line from my mobile, wont be doing that again, Franco has Yoigo and its quite cheap, about 1.50€ for the day, he says... and i was trying and trying was the thing to get into my gmail and twitter, not successful in the latter at all, and it must have been for all of about 10 minutes and cost me nearly 2€!

battery is now fired up again, but no wifi we can get into from here... well looks like a printer somewhere, which could be a problem if one of us pressed print by mistake! where would it print out? maybe i could write a short note... "hello where are you?" we're here ****! press print and see what happens!!!

well loose women is on now so i think i will relax and have a laugh with them and play solitaire at the same time!


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