Friday, April 17, 2009

heck i sound a bit moody and grumpy there yesterday dont i! thought i better do some live blogging for just a minutes, before battery goes, again!

here are pippa and i sitting in the plaza in el zoco, lots more tourists out today which has to be a good thing these days, the sun is out and its getting warm, although we are in the shade the t-shirt and shorts brigade... ;-) used to be me, are over in the sunshine, bless them every one.

i have 8 open tabs up there, jumping from one to the other to get everything completed, i had to open up the you tube to copy and paste the link for susan boyle below and was worried she would boom out all over the place, but not to worry the battery is so low the volume isnt working at all!

we are back home later today, is strange packing and un packing every few days... now always seem to have left something some where else!

ok amigos, have a good weekend...


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