Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy St George's Day!

ouch! Pippa and i were walking along the N340 after dinner last evening on our way towards the slip road leading to the Thau Bar and i got hit on the head by a rock or something! must have either shot out from under the wheel of vehicle, or someone threw it at me! hurt like heck and made my eye sockets hurt somehow... was one hellova shock, i continued on, Pippa none the wiser of course, and when i got home i held a cold cloth on for a while, i know there's plenty of room for the bump to go in, but prefer bumps on the head to come out!

am also glad we weren't walking the other way and i would have got it in my face... ;-(

today i tried to see if i could get wifi a bit further out from the bar, but couldn't i guess these wifi areas are fairly restricted, and i wouldn't be happy to sit at the guys bar and not have a coffee, so we will continue as we are...

also today... the chair and table we always sit on now daily here in El Zoco are positioned slightly different and i keep sliding backwards into the chair and away from the table!

probably wont help my still achy head from yesterday, the lump hasn't gone done yet... i was a bit weary as we walked along there this morning, what i wonder are the odds of it happening twice? or more? on the other side of the N340 Steph was hit by a stone on her shoulder a few years back, so thats two of us now!

i have had to release Pippa's harnesses a bit, i don't think its fat she is putting on but lots of muscle from all the extra walking and pulling to get to the cats!

ok, now to emails etc etc... oh my choice of photo this morning! a photo i took in Ashridge forest a few years back now of the wonderful Blue Bells, that, i should imagine are there now, this very minute...



Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed reading your blog, you drew me into your story and I felt as if I was right there with you. It sounds absolutely beautiful where you live and your pictures prove it. Thanks for sharing! Debra

P.S. Happy St. Georges' Day

Marian said...

oh thank you Debra, and as i am still here writing away, and reading your comment almost live... feels like your here too!