Monday, April 20, 2009

some shots of the Alhaurín to Fuengirola road, means nothing to those who know it not of course!

the four lanes wide road is understandable now in some places, in others who knows how it will turn out...

in one turn of the road is a very tiny little finca, minding its own business, i really hope they dont destroy it... there wont be anything left if they take 20 foot of its land!

these were taken the last weekend, so its changed now even more...

and so to blogging....

hello amigos, well surfaced now after a long weekend... woke up saturday with a bad headache, took two strong tablets back to bed, got up again early afternoon, went down to local shops for a few bits about 7pm, was ok'ish, head not good and my fibro aches and pain horrendous.

woke up this morning, Sunday with a migraine so took a migraine tablet and got up about 3-330pm head still quite bad, but its the rest of me so painful, all that laying down kills me... oh it would be so lovely to lay in bed watching tv and eating lovely squigy no good for you foods, and knowing i could get up afterwards and feel fantastic! a doctor told me about 15 years ago that as i get older i should improve... well i am waiting... how much older have i got to get?!?

just written a couple of email drafts to friends to save time in the wifi bar tomorrow... every second counts there, wish i could plug in but they have plugged all the plugs! but then the wifi is free so what can i do! i think i need a battery run on the sun like the torch and mobile phone ones... i need a lap top one now... mind you i don't expect carrying this computer around on my back every day is helping me much is it! i know its only a lap top, but it feels like my old pc on my shoulders!

its Monday morning now... just remembered a weird dream like thing i had whilst having my migraine, i usually tend to have weird dreams where i know i am dreaming and can control them, this time i was awake but couldn't control thinking... migraines! great things!

but i was worrying about a strange thing, in the past, well now too of course, we find remains of things belonging to peoples of the past, and we can tell by where we found them how individual people lived they're lives, rich or poor, healthy or sick etc... and can trace a persons movements from one area to another.

well what about the people who look into our lives... where will they look... land fill areas! our whole lives will end up in land fill! all mixed up together, those of the future wont know where we lived or how etc with all our stuff just layered up one on another... from one type of plastic to another, from cd's down to vinyl... and 8 track(?)

we will have to start filling our own gardens with our own rubbish, although some will only be able to do a few months, a few years maybe for some, and then those others, like us, with no land... i think piling it up on our roof terrace just would not be a great look! well we will have to continue to pollute someone elses land!

yes well maybe i still have a bit of my migraine hanging about if i am telling everyone this weird idea of mine!

i am emailing GM.TV this morning, i have to! they're talking about pot holes! heck we dont have a road anywhere that is hardly a made road round Alhaurín el Grande at the moment... apart from the awful roads to Mijas pueblo and of course the Fuengirola road, the Coín road is un passable, the lower Coín road is one land slide to another, filled in with tar which just contiues to sink, and the same for the road around Alhaurín de la Torre, we have free roller coaster rides everywhere we go!

ok sun is shining and time to go...


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