Monday, April 27, 2009

hola amigos! here we, Pippa and I, are back in El Zoco, Calahonda... Crissie how you doing? often wonder if your doing ok when i am here.

i am trying not to think about our car, Franco has taken it down for a pre ITV (MOT) check, then its booked in for this afternoon after 3pm, as i have probably mentioned before, in Spain you don't have mot bays at nearly every garage which is the norm in England, here they are bizarre few and far between, literally! there is an ITV centre at the Poligino near Malaga airport from our house about 45 minutes away, and the next nearest at about an hour is the one in Estapona down the coast aways.. nothing in between and these have to service the thousands of vehicles here in this area of Malaga! never even thought of how many mot bays there were where we used to live, how many 5 or 10 in each biggish town maybe? has to be...

i investigated the leaflet i found about cheap internet down here on the coast, wondering if it would be any good for us while we're here a bit more at this time, too much money to actually put into the house, and the pre paid cards!! wow! quite expensive, i guess ok if your only out here on holidays, but for us, spending in one week what we spend in a month with telefonica is just not viable! but great for holidays!!!

we checked out the price last night when we went out for a walk, not sure which place on the list to try, so tried the nearest, the McDonalds! but only went in there for the card! anyway when i came out i spotted something nice, we picked it up and carried it home, will look nice on wall somewhere in the house! the bins are a place of barter here in Spain, you take, you collect! would never have done this in England! but everyone i know has, and does pick up some very nice stuff... as they say... someone else's rubbish is someone else's treasure!?!

Pippa checking it out this morning... for defects or smells!!??

still cant decide what to do at the house regarding the internet, paying out the huge monthly charge with the iva (tax) etc and line rental when we're not using it so much just now, playing with the idea of the vodafone plug in, as long as we stay near the door or windows to get a signal!?! so as i cant decide, decided to do nothing for the time being!

the rain we had yesterday has cleared and its wonderful sunny and warm, no cross that out, hot day again thank goodness!

how is my new layout blog looking? not feeling in a pink mood anymore, looked like blancmange! ummmm!



Christine said...

Hi Marian

Still enjoying your blog very much I did come to Calahonda last September but could not let you know as my computer died and I didnt buy a new one until Xmas. I may come to La Cala later in the year if I do I will let you know. I am going on holiday to Cyprus in June with a friend of mine who also lost her husband a couple of years ago.I love to hear about Calahonda I still have a soft spot for it there.Lots of memories too.I have been told that Fuenplaza the estate agent in Calahonda where we bought and sold our appt has closed down that was a surprise as they had been there for 25 years.If you have any news about shops or bars in Calahonda I would love to hear about it on your blog while you are in Calahonda . Bye for now I hope one day we will meet for a coffee !

Chrissie x x

Marian said...

chrissie, so good to hear from you, i have put a little video on my blog today of where i am sitting right now, and every morning while we are down here. shall take some photos and blog them for you.

yes i know fuenplaza gone.. they still have photos up, but office shut, not sure if theyre office in fuengirola is still open though.

have a wonderful trip to cyprus, take care, and hasta pronto!xx