Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Yes still in Portsmouth... we seem to have been here for weeks now! no disrespect to Portsmouth of course, just having trouble getting all these pics out to you! HMS Victory above and below here, we were not allowed to take photo's inside the ship.

and now below HMS Warrior....

wicked gun rack to grab a gun from at a moment notice no doubt!

and below the wash room! wonderful mangles, and below those small boxes with the handles... thats where the clothes went in with water and you turned the a big iron handle at the end to give movement to the drums and wash the clothes... an original washing machine!

latest on the electricity bill... in the mail yesterday afternoon, the normal electricity bill came, the first and original, to which Saturdays registered reminder with threat of being cut off! me thinks they came the wrong way round! with bank statement showing all requests had been paid!!! i wonder if i had paid the first one i picked up in the post office if we would have had the money back!

water bill came too, and i paid that this morning using the fantastic bar code reader machine in the BBVA! muy bien amigos!


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