Tuesday, April 28, 2009

well firstly... washed up dingy on beach this morning, i wonder what the salvage laws are here? although by now probably nothing left! when Franco took Pippa for her early morning walk first thing, the dingy there of course, two very big out board motors, lots of canned drinks and very large blue plastic wrapped boxes!?! who knows what was in there!?!

i sent poor Franco straight back to get photos!!! well i couldn't miss out on that photo shoot could i? the weather was good last night, but as i say later the wind was up and the sea was rocking and rolling with fierce abandon, so whoever was on that boat, looks like they had traveled some way, did not have a good trip, then wash up here? did the people wash up here too? or just the boat? doesn't bare thinking about....

and so to other stuff already written....

yea!!! car passed ITV! everyone can uncross they're fingers now ;-)

were a few problems, a front gator(?), play in back bearings, slight leak on both back break cylinders... but passed!?! these things we caught on the pre itv check and so we expected a fail! we are glad the old girl passed, but not sure it would have made it in an England! here if your car doesn't pass you have 21 days in which time you don't have to pay again for a re test, there is another line for retests, so no booking needed, and they only recheck what your car originally failed on.

i forgot to say when we got back Sunday evening the electric had been off and all our food in the freezer was gone, well you know what i mean, no good and headed for the bin!

very windy walk along the beach for Pippa and I last evening while dinner was on the go... i think you could call it bracing! it was wonderful blow you over wind, stand and lean into it wind arms outstretched... there were surfing waves! and further out the waves had wings!?!

the clothes blew dry in a couple of hours!

and here the shortest video ever on You tube... on where i am exactly while i am blogging to you these days... i had to wait for the area to clear yesterday... as you can see, not many people about, in fact was only one table on the other side with a group of people on who were there when i arrived and only left 5 minutes before me!



Christine said...

Hi Marian I would love you to take photos around Calahonda I saw your video on you tube it brought back memories as that is where we used to sit and have a coffee Looking forward to seeing more pics


Pia said...

That looks like one of those boat people boats...wonder what happened to the people?

Pia said...

Thought I'd catch a glimpse of you in the video...!

Marian said...

Pia... yes i think boat people, and they did a runner! franco says he doesnt think they are lost at sea!

me on the vid! arh no amiga!