Tuesday, April 21, 2009

here is Pippa she was watching the cat below right.. till she saw me watching her!

can you see in the distance Africa?

and yesterday...oh so sad, my battery went flat before i had a chance to log out of anything or close my pages... i was talking to two friends at the next table... me talking!?! hey! and when i looked down... gone! blank screen in my face! connection gone!

they were new friends, we said hello as they sat down, and they petted Pippa, then i was laughing at something someone said to me on facebook, and we got talking from there, about our dogs and then general other stuff that us ex pats chat about i suppose!

then when i came home and plugged in... all those pages were still there even the connection symbol was still turning.. and i though hey i'm on line! yeah right! like this would be possible... but was strange there for a minute or two.. so twitter and sky news all on hold.. all over the world! well yes my little world anyway.

there was this huge strange ship out there last evening... didn't see its approach and then it was off into the distance towards Africa... but strangly, seemed to drift to the left then go forward, then drift again... crab stylie!

zoomed in shot above and a little film i took and put on You Tube...

having coffee with an old neighbor when we, i, finish here... from where we used to live in Calypso right there over the road from El Zoco,

i finished my months supply now of Aloe Vera, it had absolutely no effect on me whats so ever, what does that mean? that it wasn't strong enough? that it cannot help my Fibromyalgia? or that, for me, the parts the aloe works on are ok in me? i know after 20 years of trying different things i shouldn't maybe think anything will work!

i made some more bread pudding yesterday afternoon... that helps!


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