Tuesday, April 14, 2009

down at Calahonda... found we had forgotten a few very important things... Franco's work boots, my make up!!! oh heck! no make up, was going to get around that, just buy some mascara and a color for my eyes, thats enough for me, but really needed the boots, so we did the trip back home and back down here twice yesterday, Sunday, the road not well trodden now was like being on a wagon pulled by horses around America during the time of long long time ago... rocks, pot holes, mountains, warm air and the sound of grass hoppers! i am sure behind the scenes were the mountain cats, snakes and those all important Indians with their bows and arrows!

imagination? who me? well yeah of course i do!

something so sweet to tell, when i spoke to my mom this morning she relayed a story from yesterday, she and my cousin went to see my uncle in St Joseph's and with them they took something very very special that had been lost for about 9 years! whilst he had been digging in the garden of their then home, my uncle had lost his wedding ring, he had been wearing it about 50 years by then i think, he is in his middle 90's now, my auntie has since died 5 years ago, now in his new home the lost ring far from his mind... but... someone now living in his old place, a relative, whilst gardening came across the said wedding ring! and yesterday his face was alight when he saw it again, he whipped off the ring my aunt had bought to replace it, and got it back on rapido! mom said he kept on touching it and smiling, how lovely, bless him... the smallest thing can mean so much to us all...

few more holiday makers down here this week, things are looking up? Pippa is going crazy for some cat that keeps on appearing and just standing there staring up at her! what a tease!

tomorrow i am going to pick up my computer and walk! found a wifi place, so if you get this Tuesday, you know its working, although i may have mentioned this by the time you read this! knowing me!

remember mom and i went to see The Phantom of the Opera at Her Majesty's last month? well last night i switched on my DS lite and came across a new thingy in there i hadn't seen before, asking me if i would like the machine to find a book to my liking? i had to answer a few questions and then wait to be told which book it thinks i would like to read! number one book of the 110 books in there it told me i would like to read is The Phantom of the Opera! how about that! how spooky!

back at the ranch... we received a water bill on Wednesday the 8th April, (dated 26th of march to be remembered), as it said in ten days if not paid we would have our bank account embargoed, our social security payments, ha we should be so lucky! it takes over a months to get a bank account un embargoed which would mean telephone and electricity payments not paid! apparently we hadn't paid 5€ at some point in 2005, and 12.30€ in 2006! we moved in in 2005 so 50/50 weather its ours or not, and in respect of the other... how about sending us the bill in the first place? we often don't get our post, a reminder never came? and why wait 4 or 5 years to ask for it???

it also isn't even in our name, so whose bank and social will they freeze?

anyway, we will pay it, of course, it may not be legal, or even owed by us, but what can we do, in england i would go into the water board and ask, this isn't in my name, is it for me? why have you waited so long? whats with not sending a bill in the first place or a reminder... oh sorry think i just said all that in the last paragraph... oh well!

info: don't forget to click that 'back up' button on your sky remote to get rid of any information tabs you get in the top corner that come up, like 'remind me' and 'next movie' etc, apparently they're leaving a shadow on these new tv's of ours, just like you wouldn't leave your computer screen on would you!

ok enough off line from me just now, cant wait to get on line tomorrow...


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