Sunday, April 05, 2009

here is our wonderful 'new' street this morning, it was last renewed as a whole street in 1959... so fifty years ago exactly!

and so in celebration we had an official opening... only in Spain? must be, let me know though! i don't remember ever having an official opening on any of the many streets that have been re paved or tarred before!

and here THE ribbon! we, a few of us who live here, had to move over onto the other side of it a policeman asked us all to do so, although there were a few late comers who stayed put on our new street!

the tv station Andalucia TV were there....

and the band... just seen i can change this photo on my Picasa, and have straightened it up... whatever next eh! someone standing over my shoulder holding the camera for me hopefully! i know what photos i want, just not got the steady hands to take them!

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