Thursday, April 30, 2009

latest news on Fibromyalgia from the net...

this morning i see no off line blogging done yet! yesterday when i got home i settled into my book and that was it for the day! dinner and clean round and back to book! i am reading Cecelia Ahern's 'thanks for the memories', think today, 3rd day of reading it i will finish it!

in fact this morning if i hadn't rallied my self i don't think i would have made it here this morning at all, i woke up feeling like all my spoons were gone! remember the story?... its carrying this lap top that does me in, not sure how much it weighs, but its not a light weight... like i must be!

thought i would just do a short walk around the block for Pippa... but here i am El Zoco, in my now very familiar chair... and worrying a bit now about this H1N1 virus, sure my boys would tell me not to be silly, but i am thinking will the powers that be make travel prohibited at all between countries? and what happens if they do? Franco says if i go to England i will have to take a dingy with me, and if needs must i will have to sail it home! he will be waiting for me on the beach here at Calahonda! knowing my luck and the prevailing winds i will end up on the beach alright! but in Atlantic City... look out for me Aunt Rita, reel me in please!

also made a mistake about Mom's flu vaccination... it doesn't cover this current one, sorry Mom...

just got the Euromillion lottery... the 'ol boy was pleased to see me, he remembered me! i told him its been 4 years since we lived down here! and the two old tickets i took in? nada de nada!


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Christine said...

Hi Marian

hope you are feeling better. Waiting for photos from Calahonda frightened you will go back to your home and forget.By the way web cam pictures have gone think it might be a fault with the company. Anyway have a nice day Love to Pippa