Saturday, April 11, 2009

just a bit of a blog this evening with two short, well one short one very very short little videos i took last evening, of the processions as they came up our street, actually not as late as i have said there on you tube! probably because i have a bad head, and am a bit confused... more than usual, but with only four hours sleep on Thursday evening and then last night we ended up moving into the back bedroom for Pippa's sake really as she gets so up set at all the noise going on out side... we were watching tv and i suddenly thought to go check on things in the street, got there just in time!

plugged in the street light! and stood on the balcon for nearly two hours... maybe a coat and something on my feet would have been a good idea, it was blooming chilly out there!

the first little vid is Jesus with the cross...

i just copy and pasted the above and it works ok!

then secondly the Virgin... my camera ran out of steam as was i by this time, and the women carrying her are not slightly out of sync... but very poor girls, and also me holding the camera is a bit more wobbly! so sorry amigos! Ultreya - Create Post

anyway, woke up with sore neck back and head, took some tablets and went back to bed! so my plans for the day were wiped out!

but Doctor Who is on tonight! last one i guess now with David Tennant in, my fav doctor who! only the switch over to the new guy and then thats it! little things eh!

yesterday friends of ours came by to help Franco sort out a console he has that we couldn't work! turns out still needed tony to help... thank you honey! amazing technology isn't it! you can play games, of course, go on line, talk to friends around the world... Franco even had a look at my blog to see what we had been doing so far this month!

ok folks gotta go, brain not working and hands tired... tonight is the live representation of the Resurrection at both our Plaza del Convento, and Plaza Nuevo, it begins at midnight in both cases.

i have just come across these great videos taken on Maundy Thursday of the celebrations here in Alhaurín el Grande... curtesy of enjoy.

hasta manaña amigos.

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