Sunday, April 26, 2009

advert in paper just now "hog roasting coming to Spain" erm hello people over there with English phone numbers... here in Spain there has been plenty of roasting going on like that for hundreds of years! north south east and no doubt west!

i remember years back i received an email on a help site i am on... the lady said did i think Reiki or Indian head massage, or even refexology would work over here in Spain!?! and what could she charge for it? 60 to 100€ something like that? and accommodation... would 300€ a month get them a 3 bedroom apartment near the beach with an area to do their above business!

as you can guess i was flabbergasted! the bear naked truth was all i could tell her, and did, of course! well actually lady we already have all of the above on offer here on most urbanizations and probably anywhere where there are lots of ex pats! so how many urbanizations?? thats one heck of a lot of places already... and how much to charge?she wanted up to a 100€!! well i was getting the above free from my lovely neighbors down stairs at the time...

an apartment for only 300€ of that size on the beach, then, she would be out of luck!

i couldn't/cant understand how someone would think we don't have things here in Spain! with so many peoples from so many different cultures we have everything here already! its really only the bigger things that need getting up to date... big business computer systems allowing people to do things easier, licenses for this and that, driving etc, doctor stuff... well the list could go on, but we will catch up here one day...

just Google'd braserias here in Spain... this is a catering company, i think(?) but the list was endless for machines to cook your beasts on!

came across the old spam sketch by Monty Python, has Spanish subtitles!

as you can tell on my soap box early this morning! must be feeling better and yes... no head ache, yea!! and its raining... no!! no signal on the tv so Franco is racing around the track on his Playstation! Pippa is asleep... as is the rest of Alhaurín el Grande this morning!

oops nearly forgot... when we were coming home Friday afternoon, driving along the N340 into Fuengirola where you can see the top of the Sierra Nevada... people on the beach sun bathing to my right... hot air blowing in through the car windows... and the top of the Sierra Nevada white with snow still! always strange this time of the year when you can be skying up there and then two hours later laying on the beach....


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