Saturday, April 04, 2009

last few shots from the Spinnaker Tower, you know i couldn't spell that to begin with! now it is firmly imprinted in my mind!

these two shots above and below show the equipment for the out side elevator! UGH!!! C r a z y or what!

the door... to? well when no lift there its the door to a 110 meter drop!

just been down to the post office with an aviso (delivery note) we found amongst our mail yesterday, it was in the name of a previous owner, from way back whenever! and from the electricity company... its still in his name, as i may have said previously, you have to pay to have the name changed(!) doh!!

so into postoffice, picked up the letter that this aviso reffered to and after a bit of this and that home again! it was a bill! the bank hasnt paid the last one!? remember we had this with the last phone bill! so seems they still have not transferred over the direct debits that were needed and now we have received this!

since the new billing system has come into force in november last year... old styley you could go for 2 or 3 bills without being cut off, a lady whose apartment i used to look after never paid her bills and i was always going down to Fuengirola to do them in a job lot! and remember 3 bills was six months of non payment before cut off.

now if a bill is not paid, no reminder? you have to pay by a certain date of course, the date the cut off happens, and if its not paid you have to pay everything that owed up to date, which will be a part or whole of the next bill to have your electric put back on!


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