Friday, April 24, 2009

half asleep still this morning, here in El Zoco, Calahonda, on with the lap top, couldn't connect to the internet, even re started this machine to no avail! wasted ten minutes of battery time, gave up and asked the guy in the bar and then while he was standing there scratching his head as to why it wasn't working... i saw i hadn't got the wifi button on! doh! oh heck!

still flinching walking alone that carraterra every day, well twice a day with Pip's walk in the afternoon too, guess that will take a while, as will the bump on the back of my head still there... and i am also already worrying about having a weekend of migraines again... no that wont help, but i was born to worry... or born worrying, not sure which happened there! thing is i have a bit of a headache forming behind my eyes now, best get of here while the going is good and get home and relax(?) another word i am not familiar with!

found some rubbish on the floor, an old flyer someone had lost from their windscreen all about the local internet here, so must remember to check out before my batter goes, its been sitting here beside me for nearly an hour and still not done it! do it now before i go...

adios amigos...


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